Kayaking in Texas

Texas is unfortunately not know for its kayaking. However, the lone star state is home to some of the best kayaking rivers in the country. The Texas wildlife is diverse, and each area offers something new, different, and interesting to the kayaking experience. Here a few of Texas' best kayaking sections.

  • Canadian River is right by Canadian, Texas and is a 22-mile stretch. The best section of the river to kayak is from North River Road US 83 to Texas Highway 70. It is a relaxing and easy journey so perfect for kids and beginners. You will pass grasslands and a limestone mesa.
  • The Colorado River runs right by Austin, Texas and has a great 4-mile stretch for kayakers. Start at Lady Bird Lake and finish at Red Bud Isle. This will take you through of a stretch of 1 to 3 hours where you will witness obscured mansions, cedar trees, and tall cliffs.
  • Devils Rio by Del Rio, Texas provides an excellent challenge for kayakers. Start at Bakers Crossing on Highway 63 and finish at Blue Sage division. This will take you 23 miles over 2 to 3 days. This section is difficult and is best traveled by seasoned kayakers. The area is covered with trees, and the water is a murky gray.

Eric Shelton Texas is an experienced kayaker and loves to Kayak in Texas. He is originally from Colleyville, Texas, which is right outside Fort Worth. He is the co-founder and President of Lone Camp Energy Services, LLC.

Tips for Herding Cattle

Herding cattle requires patience and skill developed from years of experience and learning from others. It is not an easy trait to pick up immediately as you have to be able to read the animals and adapt to how they are acting. Here a few tips that will help you on your way to herding cattle.

•    Most cattle prefer eating the same types of plants that they ate as calves. Therefore, it's best to move your cattle to an area where you know the plants are similar to what they are used. It could be more difficult to move the cattle away from an area where they enjoy the plants, to an area where they would have to graze on plants they are not used to.

•    Some cows prefer hills and some cows prefer lowlands. Much of that will have to do with the area that they grew up in. You need to adjust according to the land you are traversing with the cattle. Some cows may not adjust to a hilly terrain, and some cows may not adjust to lowlands.

•    The breed of the cow may also determine which type of terrain they prefer. It is important to understand what breed you are working with and adjust accordingly. For example, Herefords prefer less mountainous areas while Salers prefer hillsides.

Eric Shelton runs his families ranch in Texas. They own a herd of cattle, and he handles taking care of the livestock. In January 2015, he and his partner started Lone Camp Energy Services, LLC in Santo, Texas.

Eric Shelton of Texas - Finding Satisfaction in Your Work

Eric Shelton of Texas is an entrepreneur and a business owner, who has been working in the energy

industry for many years. Over the years, he has experienced much success, and is great-full for all of the blessings he has received. He feels that what truly matters in the end is whether the work you do is satisfying and fulfilling. Eric Shelton says to determine your success, just ask yourself if you are truly happy at the end of each day. He likes to keep life as simple and stress-free as possible.

When asked what his secret is to stay stress-free, Eric Shelton Texas claims there are a few key points. One thing he suggests is to plan your week on Sundays, as well as each following day the evening prior. This can even be done in bed, by checking your calendar. Waking up with a lot of surprise TO-DO's that you forgot about, can be unnerving. A simple 20 minutes to plan your next day or week can help in many ways.

Another thing that he tries to do is to start eliminating unnecessary commitments from your schedule. Practice the art of saying “no” to the things that you either can't fulfill or don't want to. Drop things that are not absolutely necessary. Stay connected to loved ones a daily basis if possible. That means the people closest to you… partner, children, parents. “Check in” with your kids every night before bed. I try and do the same with my husband. Last but not least, create a harmonious workspace. This means, at the end of each day, take the time to clean up your office, your desk, so it greets you with a fresh face in the morning.

Eric Shelton of Texas - Co-owner of Established Business

Eric Shelton of Texas knows it's important for each well to be operating properly, so that the company is profitable and the workers are not endangered. He says that as the owner of a company, you are expected to both mentor and guidance your employees. Eric Shelton tries to set a good example for his employees to make the company a success. He is the president and co-owner of a respected, local well maintenance and repair company. His company is in charge of making sure that the oil wells and rigs in Texas are working efficiently and safely.

Eric Shelton Texas's company knows the oil and energy industry and has the right equipment to keep a well or rig sites production up and running, or to keep it moving on existing leases. From drilling location construction to production facility construction, repairs and sales, preventative maintenance, his team of experienced experts are there to help every step of the way. He has years of experience working within the energy field and brings that expertise to any job site.

He understands that a sites production equipment is what keeps them in business. When it’€™s down and out or in need of a check-up, it affects production, which in turn affects a company's revenue. His team is reliable and there to help find the right tools for the job, or keep existing equipment up and running properly. Eric Shelton feels that it's important for the energy industry professionals to come up with new innovations that can assist in finding energy solutions in the future.

Eric Shelton of Texas - Sports Fanatic

Eric Shelton of Texas is a professional business leader and mentor who has been in the oil and energy industry for many years now. Eric says that he loves his job, and has a passion for it that he does not take for granted. However Eric has many other passions as well because he is a man who simply loves life, and all the potential experiences out there waiting for him. One of Eric's many passions is sports, which he has loved ever since he was a child, watching the games with his father. Eric says that sports are great because they are imbued with the spirit of America, competition. Eric says that competition is in essence the spirit of capitalism, and that is partially what makes sports so great. Eric loves many sports, but mainly American football, Basketball, and baseball, as they are the most exciting to him. Eric says that there are simply fewer better pleasures in the world than sitting at a Texas Rangers baseball game in the afternoon, enjoying an ice cold beer and some peanuts with a hot dog. This to Eric fully embodies what it means to be living the American dream. Eric says that the greatest thing about sports is that there are so many individual stories and dreams that you get to witness, dynasties rise and fall on the gridiron, which is why millions of people every year watch with admiration as these athletes and minds go head to head.

Eric Shelton of Texas says that part of the reason that he loves to watch sports so much is because he admires athletes for their dedication. Eric says that if more people were as dedicated to their craft as a professional athlete the world would be a brighter and better place in no time.

Eric Shelton of Texas - Monitoring Progress

Eric Shelton of Texas is an entrepreneur and businessman who has become recently the president of his very own well servicing company. Eric has been in the energy and oil business for quite some time now, learning the ins and out of the trade as he progressed both personally and professionally. Eric says that part of his job as the president of his company is a job that he has also performed in the past for other businesses in other positions. This job is to monitor the progress of not just the marketing and data side of the company, but the tangible hands-on everyday operations of the business as well. Eric has been in charge of assuring that all parts and machinery are up to date, that the trucks utilized by technicians are in well working order, and that the general feel for the company has a positive note to it. Eric is a professional manager that can work on both the micro and macroscopic scale to assure that the company is running smoothly. Eric says that these day to day challenges that arrive are equally, if not more important than the bigger picture, as all the real work is done on the ground, in the trenches. Eric says without assuring that their technicians are properly equipped, that their transportation is intact, and without knowledge of landscape and business changes in the community his company would crumble at a very abrupt rate.

Eric Shelton of Texas believes that the little details are what make the biggest difference, and attention to them must be paid in order to succeed in business. Eric says that you should never underestimate the power of noticing small details, as they can help save you time and money in the long run.

Eric Shelton of Texas - A Role Model

Eric Shelton of Texas is a professional businessman and co-owner of his own well servicing company operating out of Texas. Eric has become the president of the company and a prominent figure head within it. As such Eric has realized that he has taken on not just a managerial role concerned with the growth of the company, but a leader, mentor, and role model for all of his employees.

Eric says that being a role model is something that he never expected to be in his future, but has since embraced the role, using it in an advantageous way to help inspire his team. Eric says that an efficient and effective team of employees is what every business wants, but in order to achieve that they need to lower the stressors on their employees and treat them with the respect that they deserve.

Eric Shelton Texas says that as a role model you set an example and a standard for your employees, and that is why it is so important that you operate with a set of morals and discipline that you would expect out of them, or risk them emulating your behavior. Eric says that being a role model can be a gift or a curse for a man in the business world. Having influence on your employees is always useful, but whether that is a negative or positive impact is entirely up to the person in charge. That is why Eric always makes sure to set the best of examples by pushing himself to the limit every day.

Eric Shelton of Texas says that anyone who wants to be a role model to their employees simply has to act how he wishes for their employees to behave. Eric says that it is this simple principle that will make your managerial skills that much better.